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Ashland, Oregon & Southern Oregon HIKING!!! 


Let's admit it ...the quality of life in beautiful Southern Oregon is defined by the outdoor activities the area offers. The majority of us who have relocated here, do so impart because of the stunning beauty the natural environment surrounding us. 

 The weather is lovely and mild almost all year round and the Mountains, Hills, Rivers and Creeks offer a plethora of outdoor activity for all energy levels:

  • Hiking the hundreds of trails in the area (all levels of skill) SEE MAPS & APP  BELOW
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rafting (all levels and kinds: Floating in a raft or Tahiti to white water rafting to Jet Boating) 
  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Paragliding

 My husband (Chris) and I are REAL People. We are empty-nesters (late 40's - mid 50's) and not the type to "workout". (dirty word!) I would much rather spend the afternoon hiking a hill, that may kick my butt, than sweating it out at the gym.  Needless to say, we are not the most perfectly "in shape" couple. He is much more likely to tackle a 10 mile hike, where as I top out at 5-7 at most.  I don't like really steep hikes or that feeling like your heart is going to explode any minute either. Yeah..I'm a bit of a wimp.  Most of these Easy to Moderate hikes, I have done and can speak to. Chris has done most hard ones as well. Yearly, he and a group from Harry and David, tackle Mount McLoughlin. I know… Crazy!! I happily wave to them as they leave and prepare dinner and drinks for when their dead lifeless bodies arrive back in camp.

Now that you know what frame of reference this is coming from, I will tell you there are really only 2 warnings I have for the newly relocated: you may run into Poison Oak and or Ticks on the lower elevation hikes. OK... don't freak out! It's not all hikes (see below) and they are easily avoided by simple routine: After any hike (particularly if you have not stayed on tail or have brushed up against anything bush like) take a shower wash your limbs well with a dish soap. (it's less expensive than Tecnu).  This will wash away the oils from any possible contact with Poison Oak. While washing, check yourself for ticks. Just in case. Lastly, If you have a puppy, brush them out and check for ticks that may have buried into their skin. Flush ticks down the toilet. Note: If you are relocating with pets, it's best to get them on an internal Tick and flea medication ASAP.  That way even if they do get bit, the tick will die. Less likely it will find you.  If you have further worries, concerns or questions, message me. We have had to deal with the learning curve on these 2 issues which means you don't have to. Below are only a very few of the hundreds of fabulous trails around the area.

 Ashland Hiking Trails Maps - (detailed maps from City of Ashland) 
FYI these are lower elevation hikes so watch for Poison Oak and Ticks (mainly in grassy areas). 

AllTrails - This is My Favorite Hiking Trail site and app 
Here is the search results for AllTrails in Ashland Or 
Looking for a great View Hike near Ashland?  Here are a few of the best View Hikes...

Hobart Bluff - Easy  (My personal favorite)

Grouse Gap - Easy  Watch for Poison Oak or Ticks
White Rabbit - Moderate Watch for Poison Oak or Ticks
(if you do a smaller portion of this one, I found it easy-moderate)
(I found the hardest part was at the very end, the climbing up boulders to get to the top…if I could do it so can most…just saying)
Near Medford
Table Rock upper - Moderate Watch for Poison Oak or Ticks
Table Rock lower - Easy Watch for Poison Oak or Ticks

(I found they both felt moderate…but I was out of shape)


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Relocation to Ashland, Oregon Guides and Maps

Clickable links will give you actual PDF maps and guides
 Ashland's Best Map and Guide


Ashland School District Web Site



Ashland Parks and trails Maps (from City of Ashland)




Dog Friendly Parks 


Ashland Hiking Trails Maps

(detailed maps from City of Ashland)

Credit for Maps, Guides, photos and sites given to Ashland Chamber of Commerce, City of Ashland, Ashland School District and SOU