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Real Estate

Home staging is basically the process of using design principles & tricks that emphasize space to getting your property sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time. You don’t have to spend hundreds having a professional designer do it…

1.Repair it!

a.      Exterior paint peeling, leaks, torn carpet, broken tiles…Repair them. Buyers have a way of imagining a much higher cost of repair than if you fixed it now.

b.      Don’t do major remodels/additions …they don’t pay off

c.      Ask us to point out the little tricks of the trade & what an inspector is looking for

2. Neutralize it!

d.      Making your house appear as attractive as possible is largely about allowing potential buyers the opportunity to imagine their lives in your property.

e.      De-personalize: Pack up any personal items: family photos or mementos.

f.       Any décor that does stay up, should be as neutral as possible.

g.      Painting - Think neutral-toned paint! Paint over any bright or bold paint in the house (ask us if you are unsure)

3. Declutter it!

h.      Start Packing & Stacking in Garage.  Toys too- at least 70% (it will be like Christmas part 2 for the kids later)

i.       Rule: 3 items on a surface. Any distracting decorations remove or pack

j.       Minimize the amount of stuff…may feel sparse, but allows people to imagine their décor & feels bigger

k.      Minimize the amount of furniture you have in each room. needs to in good shape & be visually appealing

4. Open it !

l.       Creating the appearance of openness & space is key  

m.    Position furniture in a way that opens a space up. The room feels bigger & more inviting.

n.      Think light & BRIGHT .  Replace all burnt out light bulbs,

o.      Open blinds & curtains before showings

p.      hanging mirrors in the house, can be positioned to emphasize & reflect key areas & light

5. Clean it!

q.      Deep Clean! Clean: Windows, outsides of cabinets, walls, trim, doors, appliances, counters etc.

r.       CARPETS. Professionally clean them if they need it.

s.      Outside: Clean garden beds, & Trim bushes, mow lawns, weed …siding wash spots or pressure wash as needed.

6. Secure it!

t.       Put away Medicines, Mail, personal documents (including listing documents), jewelry etc.

u.      Put away stuff that accumulates on a regular basis like the mail or your dirty clothes

7. Walk it!

v.      Start at the curb. Pretend you are a buyer. Critique the house as if you were going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. What wouldn’t you like?

CALL Your Real Estate Agent to walk the property with you and give you their honest opinion.