Do-it Yourself Curb Appeal, Ready to Sell!

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Do-it Yourself Curb Appeal

Walk It

  • Walk the exterior of your house from curb to front door and all around
  • Write down needed repairs, replacing or cleaning.

If you would rather… Contact us: Patty and I will come by and give you specific ideas to give your house a face lift and maximize it’s curb appeal, at absolutely NO COST!

Clean it

  • Thoroughly sweep down all exterior sides of house and eaves to clean cobwebs and wasp nests
  • EVEN BETTER: Pressure wash the siding, patio & decks…. need someone? Ask us!
  • Landscaping: clean out garden beds, trim plants, mow and edge the lawn…Need someone? Ask us!  
  • Sweep or blow off all sidewalks, driveways, patio/porches and paths to the front door
  • Roof should be moss free and no shingles missing
  • Wash down the front door or BETTER YET: Repaint the front door…Need someone? Ask us!  
  • Put “stuff” away: Garbage cans, toys, bikes and hoses

Front Entry Area

  • Be sure front door area is clean and free of dirt, dust, cobwebs
  • Repaint door and jam if not pristine.
  • Add new "Welcome" mat and keep it clean.
  • Make sue doorbell is working properly


  • If it’s broken or damaged and you can see it from the front yard, fix it! Touch it up if nothing else. 


  • Biggest bang for your buck is a new paint job with one or two accented colors for trim and front door. The contrast between trim and siding will add interest and depth.
  • Don’t know what colors to pick? Ask us!!

Low Cost, High Impact Additions

  • Worth noting again …the biggest bang for your buck is a new paint job with one or two accented colors for trim and front door. 
  • Potted Plants (not fake) in the homes accent color or black if possible.
  • Bench or table and 2 chairs to the front Patio. Make sure it’s simple and not too big for the space.
  • Consider adding shutters, Lowes or Home Depot carry pre made inexpensive shutters that can instantly add excitement to a simple façade
  • Front yard: add fresh bark mulch to the garden and maybe a some colorful flowers for instant lift
  • Consider repainting garage door and adding hardware or faux windows
  • Accent an architectural detail with a small metal accent piece
  • Front yard fence or accent fence. Not just the proverbial white picket fence, there are hundreds of ideas…Ask us!
  • Add some trim to windows and/or doors to make them more substantial
  • Stone facade can be added to exposed foundation concrete, sides of front porch steps etc. Ask us wear if you have questions (best not to over do this)   

 These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas that would be specific to your house and property. Call us today for your home’s FREE curb appeal inspection.


Tara Jacobi 

Principal Real Estate Broker

Licenced in Oregon since 1999

RE/MAX Integrity - Southern Oregon